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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 27, 2022

Creative burnout is particularly scary for an entrepreneur.

Being in a creative rut is frustrating enough on its own. But when you depend on your creativity to make a living, you need to tools to help you recharge.

So, what are the warning signs that you’re on the road to creative burnout? And if you’re already there, what can you do to recover from it?

Jenna Noelle is an award-winning photographer with 15 years of professional experience. She cut her teeth shooting weddings and has since expanded her portfolio to include photojournalism, fine art and commercial photography.

Jenna is also the creator of Endless Summer Collective, an education brand designed to help other creatives level up their businesses and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Jenna joins Anjel to explore what creative burnout looks like and explain the steps she took to recover from it.

Jenna shares her experience as a creative entrepreneur, walking us through some of the challenges she faced along the way and what she is doing to establish boundaries and vet her clients more carefully.

Listen in for Jenna’s insight on using your creative talent to support causes you believe in and find out if her balanced approach to mentorship is the right fit for you!

What You Will Learn

The question that inspired Jenna to start her own photography business

Jenna’s experience as an entrepreneur and the challenges she faced along the way

How Jenna knew it was time for a rebrand and the steps she took to establish boundaries and vet clients more carefully

What creative burnout looks like and how to recover from it

Why creative burnout is especially scary for an entrepreneur

How Jenna leverages travel as a catalyst for creativity

The work Jenna did to document sex trafficking in Nepal for the nonprofit Global Orphan Prevention

What inspired Jenna to start her own education brand

The actionable advice and emotional support Jenna offers through Endless Summer Collective

Who Jenna serves with her photography business and education platform

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