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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 14, 2022

"There are different ways of delivering subject matter that are just as effective, but you have to use different pedagogical muscles if you're teaching online versus working with students in person. If we don't already know how to adapt, we need to learn—that is going to be the key," - Martha Saunders

If you're someone starting in a new field, you want to be sure you get to know and understand that industry.

If you're a teacher in higher education or an entrepreneur delivering any course or training material, you want to engage in a way that your students and customers can relate to

Today there are a plethora of information delivery methods. How can you be sure your students or customers are learning the information you are presenting to them?

My guest today is an entrepreneurial leader who is passionate about creating innovative solutions to deliver education for everyone and empower the next generation of leaders.

Dr. Martha Saunders is a change-maker driven to find solutions to propel higher education into the future. In her 30-plus years in higher education, she has served in academic and leadership roles at universities in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Mississippi. Her academic expertise is in public relations and crisis communication, for which she has won numerous awards, including two Public Relations Society of America's coveted Silver Anvils. She currently serves as the President of the University of West Florida.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Martha joins Anjel to share her journey into higher education and her rise from teacher to President of the University of West Florida.

Martha shares the challenges brought on by the ever-changing technological advances for delivering information and the changing expectations of today's students and employers. 

Martha says, "We hire the best, we give them our best, and when opportunity knocks, we wish them the best, but they'll leave us better than they found us."

Listen in as she shares the key to leadership in any industry and how educators can rise above to deliver the information necessary for success in today's changing workplace.

What You Will Learn

Martha shares the story behind her 'later in life' transfer to higher education

The truth behind the changing expectations of today's students

Why educators need to adapt to serve the needs of today's workplace

The key to fine-tuning engagement with students of today

The biggest lesson for communicating through today's plethora of information delivery methods

Martha shares the guiding light in her life that elevated her career

What it takes to succeed in any industry today

Critical strategies for hiring leaders at every level

The role an adventurous spirit plays for today's woman on her career journey

The biggest secret to propelling future success in education

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