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Wickedly Smart Women

Jun 16, 2021

Why do so many women hesitate to invest in ourselves? We’re willing to spend our time and money on other people and things but don’t give our own vision the same regard. So, how can we learn to invest in ourselves and the things want to build—without feeling bad about it?

Ami Thakkar Raval is the host of Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar, a podcast celebrating South Asian trailblazers and experts from around the world. An attorney by trade, Ami earned her law degree from DePaul University in Chicago. She has also worked as a freelance writer for Vogue India and Hello Middle East and held leadership positions for startups, established companies and nonprofit organizations in the US, India and the UAE.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Ami joins Anjel to discuss what inspired her to build Tuckered Out, explaining how she realized she was ‘tuckered out’ and what she is doing to make the podcast a business. She describes why it’s so important for women to invest in ourselves, sharing what stopped her from putting money into the show early on and how being a mom inspires her to keep doing the work. Listen in for Ami’s insight on understanding the value of your network and learn to speak YOUR vision into reality with the support of family, friends and community.

What You Will Learn 

How six moves in 12 years inspired Ami to start Tuckered Out 

Ami’s mission to highlight South Asian trailblazers and experts around the world

How Ami realized she was ‘tuckered out’ and something needed to change

What Ami is doing to connect with sponsors and monetize her podcast

Ami’s insight on why women shouldn’t feel bad for investing in themselves

How Ami’s network of South Asian friends has been her #1 strength in starting the podcast

Ami’s love of connecting with people and hearing their stories

How Ami’s daughters inspire her to stay in momentum as she builds her business

How worry and waffling held Ami back from investing in her vision early on

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